Art 1A Visual Literacy Reading Schedule: Fall Quarter 2019
Please complete all the readings prior to the first date for which they are assigned.

Course Introduction (September 26)

WEEK 1 (October 1 & 3): Representation and Intertextuality 
• Carl Matheson: The Simpsons, Hyper-Irony and the Meaning of Life

• Kelly L. Richardson. “Simpsons Did It!”: South Park and the Intertextuality of Contemporary Animation

• Joanna Woods-Marsden. Cindy Sherman’s Reworking of Raphael’s ‘Fornarina’ and Caravaggio’s ‘Bacchus’

• Michel Foucault. This is Not a Pipe (Excerpt)

• Scott McCloud: The Vocabulary of Comics (Excerpt) 
Course introduction: Defining visual literacy as a general construct. The intertext, the hypotext and the hypertext as a general framework for considering visual literacy.

Reading Summaries Due (Tuesday, October 1): Matheson, Richardson and Foucault.

WEEK 2 (October 8 & 10): Understanding Mediation: Photography and Cinema
• John Berger: Ways of Seeing
• Walter Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 
• Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message

• Neil Postman: The Judgment of Thamus 

Definitions of mediation. Technology as a force of cultural change. Issues of mechanical reproduction. The medium as an ideological choice. The ‘aura’ of the work of art. 
Political implications in the mediated image - Riefenstahl, Lang, Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Reading Summaries Due (Tuesday, October 8): Berger (Chapters 1 & 5) and Benjamin.

WEEK 3 (October 15 & 17): Fictional and Documentary Space: Blurring the Difference

• Edward Branigan: Fiction

• Vivian Sobchack: On the Death of a Rabbit in Fictional Space 

Fictional and documentary space in photography. The verbal supplement. Manipulated documents, fictions which aim at reality. The real and the irreal in film. Issues of fiction and document in film. 

Reading Summaries Due (Tuesday, October 15): Sobchack and Branigan.

WEEK 4 (October 22 & 24): Art in the Age of Internet
• Jeff Scheible: Longing to Connect: Cinema’s Year of OS Romance

• Katrina Sluis, Julian Stallabrass and Christiane Paul. The Canon After the Internet
• Lauren Cornell. Self-Portraiture in the First-Person Age 
• Gloria Sutton. CTRL ALT DELETE: The Problematics of Post-Internet Art 
• Jeffrey De Blois. Hybrid Bodies 

An exploration of the ways in which the advent of the internet and social media has shifted the way that we engage with art, and how it has transformed the way that artists think about, and make art. 

Reading Summaries Due (Tuesday, October 22): Scheible, Sluis et al, Cornell and Sutton.

WEEK 5 (October 29 & 31) Censorship & Obscenity. (Research Paper #1 Due Thursday, October 31).

• Richard Serra. Art and Censorship
• Richard Meyer. The Jesse Helms Theory of Art

Censorship, obscenity, and the First Amendment.

Reading Summaries Due: None. Research Paper #1 Due on Thursday, October 31.

WEEK 6 (November 5 & 7): Advertising: The Manufacturing of Desire. No Lectures– class is meeting at LACMA on Saturday, November 9. Sections scheduled.
• Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright: Consumer Culture and the Manufacturing of Desire
• Raymond Williams: Advertising: The Magic System• Edisol Wayne Dotson: Buy Me Advertising• Jean Kilbourne: Can’t Buy My LoveHow Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel (Excerpts)
• John Berger: 
Ways of Seeing, Chapter 7.

Deconstructing advertising: probing the gap between what is promised and what is actually communicated and delivered.

Reading Summaries: Kilbourne and Berger (due in sections).

WEEK 7 (November12 & 14) A Brief Introduction to Semiotics: Genre and Advertising Codes
• Daniel Chandler: Semiotics for Beginners: Codes

• Roland Barthes: “The World of Wrestling”

• Roland Barthes: “The Romans in Films”

• Roland Barthes: “The Brain of Einstein”

• Roland Barthes: “Plastic”

• Joseph Kosuth: Context/Text

Basic semiotics: referent, sign, signifier, signified. Roland Barthes’ five narrative codes. Denotative and connotative meaning. Interplay of signs as a braid. Signs and codes within the structure of the western – examples of how these concepts function using the genre film as an example.

Reading Summaries Due: Chandler. Two-page museum response paper due on Tuesday, November 12.

WEEK 8 (November 19 & 21): Hidden Mediations: Racism, Sexism & Orientalism
• Linda Nochlin: The Imaginary Orient
• Ella Shohat and Robert Stam: The Imperial Imaginary• Ella Shohat and Robert Stam: Tropes of Empire

Deconstructing Western assumptions about Otherness. How images are always ideologically inflected.

Reading Summaries Due: Nochlin and one of the Shohat and Stam essays.

WEEK 9 (November 26): Artist Talk. Holiday Thursday, November 28. 

Reading Summaries Due: None.

WEEK 10 (December 3 & 5): TBA. Paper #2 Due Thursday, December 5.

Reading Summaries Due: None. Paper #2 Due Thursday, December 5.

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