Art 1A Questionnaire

Art 1A: Visual Literacy Questionnaire
Instructor: Helen Taschian, Ph.D.
Email address:

What is your major and class level? Are you a transfer student?

Are you taking this class to fulfill a GE or major requirement?

What are your expectations from this class?

Have you taken any college level courses in art, art history, philosophy, film studies, or critical theory? Did you take any while in high school?

How extensive is your knowledge of art?

Who is your favorite contemporary artist (excluding family and friends unless they are well-known artists likely to be studied in an academic setting)?

Who is your favorite artist? What is your favorite artistic movement?

What are your favorite films and television shows?

Favorite bands, groups, or musicians?

Favorite books?

Do you ever go to art galleries and museums? If so, what type of art tends to capture your attention?

If you are an art or art history major what prompted this choice? Is this part of a larger ambition beyond college? Do you plan to go to grad school?

How engaged are you with social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)?

Are you thinking about a career in the arts? If so, in what capacity?

Are you crashing this class? If so, why do you want to take it?

Is there anything that you would like for me to know about you?

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